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Geuder Germany Solea RGB LED Light Source


INNOVATION : Innovative RGB technology for free color composition and visualization of fine structures
• 16.7 million colors for individual color composition and contrast enhancement

PROTECTION : RGB LED technology prevents harmful radiation in the UV or IR range without filters
• Retinal protection mode minimizes phototoxic effects by deactivating the blue LED,
thus extending the safe surgery time to min. 30 min.
• 3 independent fiber optic outputs with up to 45 lm luminous flux each
• Long durability of the LEDs with up to 60.000 h 4
• Only ophthalmic surgical light source with red LED

EASY TO USE : Intuitive handling thanks to 7“ multi touch display
(proven PCAP technology – projective capacitive touch screen)
• Individual user profiles and parameter settings
• Auto-save function automatically saves the last values
• Easy cleaning and wipe disinfection of the glass surface with protection class IP33
(including protection against spray water)
• Color temperature from 3,000 – 6,000 K indirectly adjustable
via color composition


Product Description


Intraocular illumination of the surgical field plays a fundamental role in vitreoretinal surgery.
It has an influence on the success and efficiency of a surgery.