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Ophthalmic Operation Table


Height range min./max
Lifting speed
Total length
Total width
Base size
Input Power SupplyWeight capacity
Gross weight
640 mm / 840 mm
8 mm/s
1880 mm (with head)
600 mm
920 mm / 540 mm
230 V 50/60 Hz.
110 V 50/60 Hz.
170 Kgs.
130 Kgs.

Please Note: Specification are subject to modifications,
as per emerging market demands.




Product Description

  • Motorised Vertical Height Adjustment
    Enables the ophthalmologist to perform from a convenient, comfortable standing or sitting position.
  • Optimally Positioned Head Rest
    With manually controlled up & down motion option allows the surgeon easy access to the patient, while offering the patient comfortable head positioning. Plus, there is ample leg room, and sufficient space for equipment foot pedals.
  • Noiseless Dc Motor-driven
  • Adjustable Wrist Support
    Offers surgeons convenient stability during operations.
  • Built-in Head Low and Head Up Position ensures safety during emergencies.