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Takagi OM-6




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Product Description

Versatile entry-level operating microscope ideal
for out-patient procedures

TAKAGI has been serving the vision of the global eye-care industry since 1955.
TAKAGI brand products are developed, designed and manufactured in Nagano, a region famed for its thriving precision manufacturing industry.
Protecting eye health means protecting opportunities to see the beautiful things in the world. It is based on this belief that we take great joy
and pride in making our instruments beautiful as well as functional. Our world-class technological capabilities, assured quality and outstanding
service, make us trusted by ophthalmic professionals in more than 80 countries worldwide.
TAKAGI’s operating microscopes have achieved clear resolution through a process of development focused on “visibility ” and by leveraging
their optical performance. In addition to a wide and bright field of view, light intensity can be adjusted to suit each particular case and the
surgeon’s own preference, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use.
The OM-19 is a high-performance operating microscope designed to meet the quality conditions required for cataract surgery and to cover all
other necessary functions. TAKAGI has successfully developed the world’s first operating microscope on which light intensity for red refl ex and
main illumination can be independently adjusted in response to each particular case and surgeon’s preference. With a broad line-up of options,
including a wide-angle fundus observation adapter, with a fundus observation device attached the OM-19 can also be used for retina and
vitreous surgery