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Equitron Medica Class B -22 Ltr

Technical Specification



Product Description

Designed for critical sterilization
processing needs

With 50 years of experience in steam pressure sterilization, it has been our core focus to provide
customers with a robust solution, and thereby, a safer working environment for their staff and
patients. The equitron Class B Autoclave (CLB Series) is designed to help you make the
choice towards better patient safety.
Tailored for the Healthcare professional that requires a top of the line sterilization
solution for hard-to-sterilize items, it is the ideal Autoclaving option for
pouched or wrapped instruments as well as garments – which would
come out dry and ready for immediate use.

With advanced features that guarantee reliable sterilization, the equitron Class B Autoclave sterilizes even the most critical loads, such as phaco tubes in ophthalmology as well as implants and lumens in dentistry