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Equitron Medica Present Automatic Digital

Technical Specification



Product Description


  •  EQUITRON Preset Automatic Digital Autoclaves are ideal for all applications requiring, routine destruction of all living micro-organisms.
  • Ideal for all Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Speciality Doctors, Microbiology Labs, R&D and Industry.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Preset (at 121°C) Digital temperature indicator cum Controller linked to a preset
    (20 min) timer.
  • Low water level cut off.
  • End of cycle buzzer.
  • Fitted with a Safety Valve for added safety.
  • Supplied with traceable certificate for Pressure Gauge and Temperature Indicator.


  • Inside and outside chamber are fully stainless steel.
  • Hydraulically die pressed lid from stainless steel plate.
  • Flange, fly screw, cross pin, heater cover stand are also fully stainless steel.
  • All internal joints argon welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.

Standard Features:

Electronics and Electrical

  • Preset Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller linked to a preset timer with 1oC resolution and ±1°C accuracy.
  • Pt100 Sensor for precise control and monitoring.
  • Low Water Level cut off.
  • Industrial grade energy efficient ring type heater, custom made for Autoclaves, thus reducing power bills by 16 to 40%.


  • Lid is fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve/safety fusible plug, manual exhaust valve & vacuum breaker cum purge valve.
  • Handy raise lid lifting device – safe and user friendly – for lid in #7441 & #7451.
  • Moulded rubber gasket.
  • Drain valve on side at bottom for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel wire mesh carrier and heater cover stand.